Important Twitter Features For Marketers

Twitter has been used for various purposes since its introduction and it has mainly become a communication tool for customer service, news and other information. This social networking platform has been used by all kinds of people across the world and during its period Twitter has been introducing various new features to make the users feel more comfortable in using it more effectively. Twitter has been mainly helpful for the marketers who are using it as an effective tool for their development. There are special features available for the marketers from Twitter that can be helpful for them to be more successful.

1. Advanced Search- Twitter is available with a normal search bar which can be used to search a word and even the hashtag. But the advanced search feature can be used to make your search narrow. It can be used to search for people related to your competitor and even those who want to get details about a particular product related to your business. It is possible to get more relevant as well as useful search results with the help of this feature.

2. Embedded Timelines- This is a feature that can be included in a website or a blog to share your post. It is possible to make one or more posts easily visible to the users in Twitter with the help of embedded timelines. The embedded timelines can be used to post a public Twitter timeline in the site using the line of code. They are also interactive and will make the visitors to retweet or reply to a particular tweet from the website directly. It is also possible to see the cards inline by the viewers after expanding the tweets and you can use this during a special event. By doing this you can create a social presence directly for your viewers and they will come to your tweet without entering into another website.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts- Using keyboard shortcuts in Twitter can help in making your work easy if you try to spend more time in Twitter. You can use this feature to make your work done faster and to get this feature on your screen simply type ‘?’ after accessing the twitter website which will make the keyboard shortcuts to pop up.

4. Social Photos- Tagging photos in Twitter can help in getting into a conversation using your images. You can use the tagging option without using the 140 characters limit in Twitter which makes it more powerful way of engaging. It is one of the most important features mainly for the marketers while attending a conference and even live events. There is also another option called as collages that can be used to share about four photos in a single tweet. This can help to make your tweet more interesting and people will also get excited to in reading your tweet on regular basis. You can use tagging as well as collages in your embedded tweets.

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