Important Twitter KPI For Your Business

There are three important Twitter KPIs that must be used for the development of any business. You can just add them to the dashboard to know the exact strategy of your business. Here are those three important Twitter KPIs that are must on be kept on the dashboard to know as well as and share the social strategy: To achieve god in Twitter, it is important to follow certain strategy that are really helpful for the development of your business. It is also important to stay active in Twitter on regular basis as the social presence can create a huge advantage for your brand.

1. Clicks and URL- Those who have their social strategy in Twitter as advertisement, they will have to face lot of problems in finding the right audience. Even though it is possible to get attention from the people in Twitter by sharing a post with funny contents, but it cannot be useful for your business. Instead of doing this, you must create a report which must try to monitor your followers to know whom they are interacting. You will also know whether they are using your links to see the website and sharing with others. By doing this you will be able to make your content more unique that can be easily recognized by other in Twitter.

2. Hashtag- A hashtag is the best option to share any post in Twitter and it can easily create a buzz that can easily attract most of the people. In case the hastag is bad and doesn’t attract any people, it will be just a waste of time as well as your 140 character post. You must always try to track the hashtags that are liked and used by most of the people in the social media world. This can also help in receiving more clicks to your link in the post and receive more attention from the people very easily.

3. Engagements- Everyone in Twitter can easily get followers in one way or other, but getting genuine followers in not so easy. It is not so easy to get followers who are of real quality and you can achieve it by doing some research. You can just create a chart which must contain the details about your audience who are active and keep an eye on your tweets that are read by the people to get engaged. You can use this information to receive strong engagements which can also be considered as active customer database.

Before using Twitter for your business purpose, you must also know the KPIs that can be really helpful for you. Try to share the dashboard metrics to most of the company contributors which can also make your business popular. It is easy to get Twitter data which can be done by using the and log in into the Twitter account. Then select Tweets option in Twitter menu and click Export data option to download the data.

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