Mother’s Day Social Marketing Options

Twitter marketing has been an important part for most of the brands to promote their products. There are different brands that like to market their product on various occasions and same things to happen on this Mother’s Day as well. You can use a special marketing strategy on Mother’s Day and Twitter offers new options to increase their campaign response. Those who don’t have any special plans for the Mother’s Day, it is good to follow these steps and mainly the brands to want to start an effective marketing process.

1. Reach to your influencers- This is an important process in the marketing process which is followed by many brands to promote their product. The influencers are people who like to share positive details about your brand and make others see their message to have a huge impact on your product. According to Twitter, influencers are the best option to reach audiences on this platform.

2. Let the users share stories related to their mom- Most of the people use Twitter to share information that can create an engagement. On Mother’s Day, it is possible to engage with your audience by sharing important stories about your mom. You can easily inspire others to send a reply to your post if you share information about your mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day. As per Twitter, this is the right time to make their audience share stories on Mother’s Day in various ways such as starting a contest.

3. Gift options- It is not easy for everyone to get gift ideas on the occasion of Mother’s Day, so try to share options that can be the perfect options for gifts. You can start a post that features a number of gift ideas and this will attract a large number of audiences. This type of options is available on other social media channels, but the same can be done on Twitter to increase your brand popularity.

4. Show your funny side- This is one of the best ways to attract the users on this social media platform. Most of the people like to see humorous things on Twitter and sharing a funny quote related to Mother’s Day can attract more people to your social media. Try to find a relevant angle based on your humor to be more effective in attracting the audience.

5. GIFs in Tweets- Tweets featuring images are known to get 3 times more engagement when compared to standard text updates, but you can also double this engagement by using GIFs in your tweets. There a number of tools available to create GIFs related to your post and attract the audience very easily. Avoid using GIFs on every post and use most popular GIFs on regular basis. Using videos in your tweets are also known to get more engagement than the GIFs, but it is not easy to produce attractive video contents so GIFs can be the best option for everyone.

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