Mobile Apps To Edit Social Media Images

In the present day most of the people would like to access their social media platform in the Smartphone and tablet. The number of people who are using other sources to use social media is very less compared to them using mobile devices. You can easily make your post interesting by adding attracting visual in the post. There are special mobile apps available for making your visuals unique and attractive.

1. Prisma- This app is available different types of filters that can be used in the images. It is a special app that can be used to a normal image into a beautiful photo and it is the perfect choice for those who want to use already existing images. Use this app to enhance your photos before sharing them in the social media platform. First open the app and upload a new photo and select the different types of filters available in the app. You can try experimenting with the photo by adding various filters into it. There are also filters that are related to few products that can be selected and used in the photo if you want to post content relevant to your brand. Try to use the filter and adjust it by simply swiping right or left depending upon your choice.

2. Ripl- Those who want to create social media content with animation, this app can be the best option for them. This can be used with short videos as they are known to attract more response on the social media platform. It is possible to include maximum of 8 photos along with different text overlays to make your own slideshow. This app is available as free version and paid version. But free version can be more helpful as it features various colors, fonts and styles sufficient to make your photo more engaging.

3. PicMonkey- It is a simple image editing tool which is available with special effects and Photoshop like options that can used to edit the pictures. You can select the mobile version of this app and use it for editing the photos very easily. It is possible to include words in your images with this app and also change its font, style or color. There are various stickers available in this app for including with the photos.

4. Adobe spark- The app is normally used to create more fun looking fast images and videos. One of the most important feature available in this app is it can be synced with your mobile and PC to make your work much easier. This app allows you to change the size of your photo to be used on various platforms. It also features an option called as magic text where you can automatically resize your text suitable for your screen. You can use the free version of this app which provides you upto 2GB storage space which would be sufficient for the normal users and if you want more storage space select the premium version.

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