New Display Options For Customers in Twitter

Twitter is one of the best customer service providers when compared to all the social media platforms. Most of the customer service requests happen in Twitter which also increases the Tweets made by the users to a brand related to a particular product or service. Twitter is normally known to support in providing real-time service for the people who are using it with short messages and fast response. The interaction speed in much faster in Twitter and tweets are made more public as it is visible to all the viewers. The customers have more advantage of this as they can discuss any matter related to the product or service in front of all the followers.

Twitter is mainly working to improve their options available for customer service even though it is not their main aim. The 40 character limitation has been removed from Twitter in DMs which also part of the customer service options and other new tools have been introduced by them to support the brand while handling the tweets in. Twitter is also been including new tools in their platform to support the brand and improve the customer service with the help of tweets. There is lot of support options introduced by Twitter along with display tools that would help the customers to easily understand the service options. Now the brands can display on their profile that they also offer customer support and a large prompt will be displayed with the option ‘Message’ over the profile along with a badge which will show the right time to respond to the messages.

The profiles featuring customer service options will have an indicator that will be switched on during their next search results to offer better customer support, but this option is still in the test mode even though it looks promising. To use this new option, users must go to Twitter Dashboard and use the option customer support settings. Now use can see that there is an option that indicates your profile offers support and the second option indicates the time when your representatives will be available in Twitter. This can become a perfect option for the people who provide customer support in Twitter and brands have also indicated that this new option has been supportive to them. Apart from this customer support options, Twitter had also introduced other options that are known to have received good results.

The main aim for Twitter is to improve their product and increase the live-streams on TV, but in the same way they are also planning to provide good customer support from the brand to their customers. The customer service option looks more interesting for the brands as it can be a valuable area for their growth and various other tools are introduced from Twitter related to customer service which is also expected to boost the brand reputation. Twitter is also being using some of their automation to support public transport which helps to get information related to travel times.

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