Tools To Monitor Your Customers

Maintaining customer relationship through the social media platform can be a difficult process and you must use proper method to do this in the perfect manner. There are special tools that can be used to monitor your customers and interact with them. All these tools will be able to help you in reaching to your customers and display your products in the most effective way. To have a good relationship with your customers you must have a proper interaction with them, instead of talking with each customer directly you can just use one of the following tools to make your work simple.

1. Hootsuite- This is a perfect tool for a small businesses that like to interact with customers one to one. If you are looking for a tool that supports interaction with various customers, then avoid this. But this one is the best among all other tools to interact with a single customer.

2. Nudgespot- It is not a tool but an app messenger that can be installed through a JavaScript snippet to a website. You can use this tool to engage with customers through live chat during a real-time demand. The same can be helpful for interacting with customers through the social media platform. This tool can be the best option if you like to promote your product online.

3. Lithium- You can select this tool to for providing a good customer service and it is possible to respond to your customers directly to engage with them. It features the option to develop a template content that can be easily accessed for a frequently asked question.

4. Sprinklr- This is known to develop a good relationship along with your customers through various processes such as monitoring and listening. You can use this tool engage with your customers through various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and more. It can also be the right choice for interacting with customers through websites, mobile apps and others.

5. Buffer- As everyone knows that this tool is really simple to use and mainly suitable for Twitter users. Try to respond to the customers using this tool and you can also review your last chat history with the customer. You can also follow other profile using this tool and even block unwanted followers. There is an option which is called as Respond by Buffer which is almost similar to Hootsuite. Respond is able to support small as well as large teams who want to engage with their customers.

6. Sparkcentral- This tool is a perfect customer service option that can be used to communicate with various customers on the various social media platform including Twitter, Facebook, etc in real-time. The tool is used to focus on the social media and there is also an app messaging service available for team members. You have to pay for using this tool and it is known to work in the best way for interacting with your customers.

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