Reach To Influencers With These Tools

Influencers are the most important part of any social network and it is easy to reach right kind of influencer by using few simple tools. Social media platform has been the most important part to find the right influencers for your content, but you can use few tools to make your work simple. With these tools you can easily automate the process of reaching to your influencer in various social media platform. Most of the people look for influencers in Twitter is normally used by everyone for various purposes. Try to follow this method to reach to your influencer and develop a good relationship so you can promote your content without wasting time.

1. Influencers sharing same content- First you have to find out the most popular contents that you like to share. For this you can use where you can enter the keywords similar to your post. BuzzSumo is known to be one of the most perfect tool to use your content to reach to more influencer and it also has the ability to identify the type of content that is good for reaching out to your influencer. By doing this you can get search results related to your keyword. Next you will be able to find out key influencers sharing the same contents. Just select View Links Shared option in the post and select Click Page Authority which will give you the list of people who have most influence. Now the influencers will also share your post and get more exposure very easily. Try to engage with the influencers by interacting with them and include them in your Twitter list.

2. Schedule tweets for your influencers- To do this you can create a spreadsheet with 2 columns and it must contain the tweets with 143 characters only. Copy the tweets to notepad file which must be uploaded to the tool Bulk Buffer. Then choose your Twitter account for uploading the tweets and select the option Send to Buffer. Try to space your scheduled updates to make sure that the tweets doesn’t become spam. This tool is available for free and it is also possible to upload around 250 posts using it. But you cannot upload any images in this tool, but you have the option to add a link from most of the social media network.

3. Track- In order to make your influencers see your tweet without giving it a miss you must follow few important steps. The first option is to continue using Twitter list to engage with your influencers and form a good relationship with them. Try to stay consistent as well as sincere while sending a tweet to your influencers. The next step is to email your influencers after 2 days if you have not received any reply from them. Create your own personalized email along with the link of your post, so it will make your influencers to see the content by just clicking the link.

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