Add-Ons To Integrate Blog And Social Media

Sharing content through blogs can get more engagement and in the same way you can attract the readers through social media channels also. It will be easy for your audience to see your content on both social media and blogs. There are few add-ons that can be used in your blog to achieve good engagement from the audience. Select any of the following tools to integrate with your blog to attract more audience and start an engagement in a simple way.

1. TweetMeme- It is a button that helps the audience to share their post in Twitter and posts can be seen on your Twitter feeds which will drive more traffic very easily. If someone tweets based on your post, this add-on helps to track them and show whether button was used by them or not. The TweetMeme button can be used on anyplace on your page and to see the number of readers. In case your readers have TweetMeme account and they select retweet button it will publish the post in the Twitter account.

2. DISQUS- This is a powerful comment tool that can be used as a comment function in the blog. The audience can share a video comment with Twitter using this tool and multiple users will be able to update your comments. There are many features available in this which includes comment stream that helps to show your new comments. It offers user-friendly options that help the audience to leave more comments. It is free to create an account in this tool and there is no need to use your name as you can just leave a simple comment. In case you want to share your comments, try to register it with DISQUS and link it with the Twitter account.

3. Gravatar- It is used to displays the reader photo based on their email and when you share a comment, the email address will be matched with Gravatar database. You have to register your email with Gravatar before adding a photo to get it matched. You can also set up multiple emails in a single Gravatar account to see the photos of the users.

4. Twitter Follow Badge- You can use this tool to create a little button which will stay on the user page when they scroll through the content which will make it easier to follow on Twitter. It has customizing options to adjust the coloring to match your webpage and make it live. One of the most important benefits of using this tool is to get more followers on Twitter.

5. Meebo Me- This is an embedded chat tool that can be used on any place of the webpage and it is available for free to the users. You can use this tool to chat with anyone immediately and it can be added to all of your chat accounts. It is considered to be the most useful tool which can be used product landing webpage.

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