New Tools To Handle Twitter User Harassment

Twitter users have been facing lot of trolls and abuse which has caused few problems for this social media channel. They have been following different techniques to handle this problem by introducing new tools. According to Ed Ho, VP of Engineering in Twitter, they will be introducing new tools that would help to handle the harassment on this social media platform. But Twitter also announced that people can report about those who are trolling them without seeing any tweets. The social media channel has also made an announcement about three important measures to deal with abuse which is expected to become one of the best solutions for all the users.

1. Preventing new abusive accounts- Most of the people who have been abusing in Twitter once they get blocked by this channel, they used to create another account and start their trolling again. But with this step, the people who are suspended permanently will get identified and they will be stopped in creating another Twitter account. Twitter has not announced how they are going to do this, but there are chances that they would track IP address of the users and block their new account. If Twitter becomes successful in implementing this process, it would easily stop regular offenders. Twitter can be successful in improving this method that can tackle this trolling and abuse problem as well as deal with fake accounts.

2. Safe searching- Twitter is also planning to introduce a new options called as safe search that will help to remove the tweets that features sensitive content. The tweets will also get blocked and the muted accounts will be removed from the search results as well. This new option is expected to offer the Twitter a very unique ability to remove all the search results and also find a content that is perfect. The users can also control the search filters after this new option is available on this social media channel. All this options shows that Twitter wants to make their user free of abuses that happen on this media platform, but how it really works is still not been revealed for the users.

3. Algorithm-defined tweets- This is the latest addition in dealing with Twitter trolling and abuse. Twitter will introduce algorithm-defined tweet responses that would hide abusive as well as low-quality tweet replies. The low quality tweets will get identified with machine learning from Twitter and spam detection methods to filter the tweet replies accordingly. The abusive content will not be removed completely instead they will be hidden from the view of the users. Twitter had also introduced new option to mute particular words from user’s timeline few months back along with AI-powered filter that is expected to detect and remove unwanted tweets from timeline. All these tools have been introduced by Twitter from last few months and this shows that they are really serious in tackling this trolling and abuse happening on this social media platform.

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