New Tools To Support Customer Service

Twitter has been one of the most used social platform for customer service discussion. This helps most of the brands to communicate with the customers directly to provide a smooth customer service. Twitter has been planning to introduce two important tools to support the brand in offering good customer conversations. The tools have been developed with Direct Message skills that feature a simple process of conversion from public to private in Twitter. The first tool was introduced in Feb 2016 and the second tool is expected to available for customers interaction in the later days.

Most of the customer service usually begins from public realm in twitter. All the interactions will happen in real-time and the customers can directly interact with brands. Direct Messages can make the brand to effectively communicate with their customers using Twitter. You can easily embed the DM prompt during a reply to your customer by including the Add DM Link option on your twitter reply screen. The customer can directly go to the Direct Message composing with the provide link. After the customer sees the reply, there will be a message prompted such as Send a private message and icon to create a Direct Message.  The real reply Tweet will get automatically embedded with your DM thread and the customers can also see the reply with the help of public-to-private transition.

Make sure that the DM prompts can be effectively used only after configuring the setting on your twitter account to DM your brand. The time required for twitter to make the new setting effective can about 2 hours as the Sprout needs to recognize your new setting. With the customer interaction, most of the people will automatically recommend the product without any doubt. Twitter has also included a new Customer Feedback that takes into a survey experience that features customer satisfaction questions as well as Net Promoter. It can help the users for sharing opinions privately with the brands after the service interaction. Taking the surveys can help in receiving personalized feedback directly on twitter with the simple as well as structured ways by combining valuable insights to improve the customer service efforts.

Anyone can provide a great customer care service using twitter without putting any effort. The customers can also get satisfied with the conversations on twitter. Twitter tools can help to control the service-related conversations of a brand and also to collect the customer feedback directly.  Twitter has been one of the more effective for the communication channel as it enables brands to answer the service-related questions and create a value-driven relationship with the customers. Sprout has been successful in working along with twitter to introduce the new tools for improving the customers care service for the brands. Apart from these tools, twitter is also been developing other features that can support the customer support even more effectively on twitter. Most of the companies use twitter as a new service channel for their products than email.

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